Saturday, September 29, 2012

Burlap Pencil Bags

Hi Ya'll!! Lots of things have been going on around our house. My youngest started preschool, planning my boys camping carnival birthday, attempting to redecorate my living room (pics to come soon) and working on my Shaklee business. I wanted to stop real fast though and show you a simple item I put together for the fall teacher gifts this year. Target....oh how I love you! You always have the best $1.00 section around! This year you did not disappoint! When I first spied the pencil burlap bags I grabbed a ton of them and then later went back and bought a ton more! These are great to have on hand for a fast gift! Holds lip gloss and a mini hand sanitizer perfectly! I had no idea what I was going to do with them at first. Millions of ideas swirled in my head.... do I stencil you, add felt, stamp you, add a sparkly pin, make fabric flowers....see the choices are endless!!
Then I decided a simple felt flower would be just the ticket for these adorable bags. One of my favorite felt flower patterns is HERE. Craft felt is super cheap! You can buy a sheet usually for .33 cents and it comes in a huge array of color choices. They also make adorable headbands or clips! For these particular flowers I did sew them on and then hot glued the edges down. So these babies shouldn't come off!! I added a rhinestone for flair!
Now RUN to Target and get some of these bags before they run out! I bought the last that my Target had. lol. These little felt flowers will work on any little bag though. Enjoy!

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