Sunday, September 16, 2012


I love to organize. A trip to The Container Store or Ikea sends me into a fit of happiness. Yes, I know it's a sickness, lol. It seems in my house though there is always something that needs organizing and just recently I needed to re-do my kids tooth brush drawer. I wish I had taken a picture but I tackled it without getting one. There was a mass of new toothbrushes (we just went to the dentist) and we had more dental floss than I knew what to do with. So a trip to the Dollar Store, my handy label maker and some re-purposed Crystal Light plasticware completed the job!!!

Now everyone has their own toothbrush holder. The plastic bins were 3 for a $1.00 at Dollar Tree!  I put a little label on each basket and now even dad knows whose toothbrush is whose. They like to change colors from time to time and that throws him off. Not anymore, lol! As long as they get put back in the right spot. lol.

I couldn't bare to part with these Crystal Light containers because I just "knew" they would be good for something. Turns out they are perfect for holding extra dental floss and all those new toothbrushes!

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