Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day!

Loving the three day weekend we have had. So sad that tomorrow it all ends!! Saturday we decided we needed to finally get a wireless Blue Ray player for our bedroom. The kids tend to watch Net Flick movies in the den on the game system and we tend to watch them in our bedroom (which is next to the den). We were tired of hooking up the laptop to watch a movie or tv series we were catching up on. So a fast internet search and a quick run up to Best Buy and we were in business!! Afterwards our tummy's were growling so we decided to stop at Taco Casa for lunch and then The Burger Box for ice cream. When we got home we were full and ready to sit and watch a movie!! Great way to spend the day! Curled up and relaxing!!

Sunday, we found ourselves still wanting to be lazy. So while Riley watched some shows I worked on some PTA stuff. Other than eat, snack, rest and watch tv we didn't do anything. LOVE days like this, they don't come often.

Which brings us to today, Monday. We decided a family breakfast out to let the kids use some certificates from school was in order. I love this bunch so much!

After breakfast since Ben is starting preschool I needed to grab him some new tennis shoes. So a fast trip into Stride Rite and he was the proud new owner of light up firetruck shoes (should make Uncle R proud!). Aren't these cute?!?!?!? I LOVE Stride Rite, they last forever and come in wide sizes for Ben's cute pudgy feet!
Since we were in the area, my husband wanted to go run into The Virgin Olive Oiler. At Mother's Day he had given me the best Balsamic Vinegar and Garlic Olive Oil. It was so good we have already used it all and he wanted to get me some more (and I let him). If you ever are in Fort Worth/Hulen area stop in! Amazing flavors of all kinds in vinegars and olive oils! Would make a great gift to the person who loves to cook...and eat, lol. You can view their website HERE!

Now we are back home and doing what we do best.... relaxing....before the busy week starts up again! :)

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