Sunday, September 2, 2012

School Organization

Do your little kids come home with all the cute awards, promotion certificates, ribbons, end of year reports cards, etc?? Mine do and I can't bare to throw them out but if your not careful it can quickly clutter your space!! So last year I decided to come up with an easy system of keeping it all organized. I purchased three accordion files in different colors (got one for Ben ahead of time!) and labeled them with each child's name. I got these at the Dollar Store for $1.00 a piece! Can't beat $3.00 organization!

Then in each tab I labeled it up to 12th grade! In order to fit everything I had to combine some years.

Now you're all set for all those special mementos! The kids come home with them and they get immediately filed and put away! Every once in a while we enjoy going through them to see all their accomplishments! When they get old enough to leave home they can take their accordion file off with them to show their own kids!

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