Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Dirt Edition: Getting Red Wine Out!

Today I want to show you something that just absolutely amazed me in this Dirt Edition!!

My friend Michelle was telling me about how at her wedding reception she accidentally spilled red wine all down the front of her wedding dress. That the dress was sitting in a closet at her MIL's house and never got cleaned. They felt it was a lost cause to try and get red wine out of it. I told her if she wanted to try Shaklee I would bring over some Nature Bright and Basic H. I had no idea if it would work on a stain so old but that I knew both would get out red wine. Most wedding dresses are made from satin, silk, polyester, crepe, etc, which might be easier to get out opposed to cotton. So she contacted her MIL and within the next two weeks we had the dress to try our experiment on! The first thing we did was take before pictures and place towels between the layers of the dress so nothing soaked through to the other side. Here is my friend in her dress at the wedding (I marked her face out since this on the web).

Then we mixed up a solution of Basic H and Nature Bright in water to spray.

 Here is the before:

As we started spraying the stain, it really started just breaking up and disappearing. Nature Bright has natural enzymes in it that break up stains (but is also color safe!) We were jumping and up and down with excitement over getting this stain to break up so quickly!

Here are the during pics:

After about 15 minutes (all we did was spray and lightly rub with our fingers) the stain was gone. No yellowing, no solution residue, and no stain! 

Let me tell you I have one happy friend! To think for 4 years your dress is ruined and then in 15 minutes have it back white and KNOW you did it yourself....priceless!!!
Now how is that for a GET CLEAN Edition?!?!?!
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  1. Amazing!!! And really, the smiley faces, you're killing me. I LOL'd. Too cute! :)