Monday, September 3, 2012

Scour Off your stove top!

One of my good friends husbands decided to cook and when he did he made her stove top a mess. She told me she had tried many things to scrub off the grease but nothing was working. So I offered to bring over my Shaklee Scour Off and try it. We set our boys up with toys and got to work with some Scour Off and an old tooth brush. Within ten minutes we had the stove top back to grease free with no scratching of the surface! Also, thanks to it being made with cherry pits there was no harsh smell (it resembles the scent of bubble gum)! I recently used it to clean the inside of my oven too. NO more heating up the house using the self cleaning feature (the smell is just awful and can't be healthy for breathing) and no more chemical smell using Oven off (never again!). I've also used this on my glass shower door with no scratching and cleaning my porcelain sink.

Here are the before and afters! My friend was so happy to have her stove back to looking white and pretty!!!

I also tried it on some baking loaf pans. To keep my bread from sticking I always spray Pam (or wipe cooking oil) and then flour the sides. The bread doesn't stick BUT my pan is always left with this awful residue that won't scrub out. Not anymore! Scour Off works on that too!!

 As you can tell I am sold on this product! Great stuff!

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