Wednesday, May 1, 2013

31 weeks!

Yesterday marked 31 weeks! Everything so far is going great. I've had to adjust my schedule quite a bit to make sure I'm off my feet because if I'm on them very long they swell really bad. So if I'm at home I'm in bed with elevated feet. We go back to the OB on Friday and I've got a ton of questions to ask him. This week has also been one of lots of emails to make sure I've got my calendar all set up for the kids events. Brit's dance recital is next weekend so I needed to make sure I knew the times she needed to be at dress rehearsal at the theater. Then I've been emailing teachers to see when award ceremonies are. I want to make sure in case I get put in the hospital or go into labor that I have Riley or inlaws there to see those accomplishments!

My shower was on Sunday and it was amazing!!! Brit and I spent the entire morning getting ready before we picked up Granny and a family friend. When we got there I was so busy socializing that I didn't take any pictures with my phone. One of the hostesses though had her camera and was snapping away. SO I'll be posting those pictures as soon as I get them I'll do a bigger post about it once I get some pictures! I was soooo busy talking to everyone I didn't even see my cake before it was cut, lol. The whole event was beautiful, thoughtful and so special!! I have so many amazing people in my life! There were some really special people there that as soon as I saw them I started crying. We got lots of nice things for the boys. My sister in laws grandma crochet the boys these beautiful blankets. I absolutely love them and I really appreciated her thoughtfulness! They will be treasured forever! Another wonderful friend of mine embroidered several onesies for me and they are so precious, I appreciate the effort and time that I know it took! I need to get busy on Thank you cards!!

Ok, sorry this is short. I wanted to write really fast. My MIL offered to take Ben to therapy so I didn't have to sit for three hours. So I'm to elevate my feet and then pick him up at 10:30 and take him to school. The two hours I get to rest will make a big difference tonight!!! I'll check in hopefully Friday after my appt!

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