Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Little Ballerina

It's been a busy few weeks getting Brit to and from extra dance practices. As much as I love that she's in dance I'm so glad we have wrapped up dance until camp in July!! It's so much fun though and honestly I was so worried I wouldn't get to see her dance if I ended up on bed rest or the hospital. Getting to sit in on the theater practices and the actual production made me so happy!!!! Thursday and Friday night were full dress rehearsals but Saturday was extra special! We spent most of the morning getting her ready! First was hair!!! Let me tell you the girl has some hair!!!! I also used a net on it so it would hold up through two show times. Then it was makeup and stage eyes! They have to wear blue eyeshadow and we took it up a notch with Stila blue glitter eyeliner. I wish I had her perfect porcelain skin. Finally it was time to get dressed!!! The production was The Wizard of Oz and her part was "Oz Friends". The show was amazing and she danced beautifully!! Afterwards she was exhausted!!! I gave her the royal treatment once home. A head scrubbing, deep conditioner (to combat three days of heavy hairspray), a facial with my clarisonic mia and a light moisturizer. She loved it and then asked to go to bed, lol. While she looks adorable dolled up, fresh face and looking like a little girl is my favorite. I'm happy I got to spend a memorable time with my baby girl!!!!

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