Saturday, May 18, 2013

Checking in

Oh my goodness can you believe I'm 33 weeks 4 days?!?!? Not much longer!! Overall I'm feeling great. By evening time if I didn't get to rest as much as I should have I'm a little sore and I don't recognize my feet. Overall though I'm not uncomfortable and have lots of energy! I had a specialist appt on Tuesday (33wks exactly). That appointment went great! No proteins, no contractions, babies had great fluid and movements. Then on Thursday I saw my ob. Again great appointment! We even scheduled my csection!!! I'm not ready to share their projected birthday yet but I can't believe it's around the corner!!!! From here on out I'll be seeing the specialist on Tuesday and my ob on Thursdays!!! My only wish at this point is that babies stay put and I don't miss my B's awards ceremonies and Ben's pre-k graduation!!!

Since my feet have been swelling (which my ob said is normal with a twin pregnancy at this point) my hubby sentenced me to our bed for this Saturday. Anything to keep these babies in and my feet to where I can bend my toes. It's as weird feeling having swollen numb feet. The kids are keeping me company and looks like a Netflicks marathon! Riley on the other hand has a super busy day planned! He gets to replace our dishwasher again! We bought a new one a month ago and a few nights ago it decided to start pouring water out the door. So on Thursday we took it back to Lowes and got a full refund!! We decided to replace it with a Kitchenaid! Hopefully this one will be a keeper! Then he is going to get the pack n plays set up and later get his truck washed to sell. We will be owners of a new Expedition in a week or two. That way both vehicles will accommodate everyone! Sometime today I plan to really organize my hospital bag! I need to remember to pack the shirt I had made for Riley, it says, "I make TWINs whats your superpower?" I packed the babies diaper bag few days ago! It's ready to go!!!!

Last Wednesday I ran to Babies R Us and bought the last few things we needed!! That was so much fun!!!!! The biggest purchase was our double stroller! After reading lots of reviews we decided on the Jogger City Mini Double. I also picked up some quilted sheet savers in chocolate brown, some lap pads (I love these to put in the bottom of bouncy seat/swings in case of blowouts), some carseat mats for the van, and some adorable "bee" outfits I found with matching hats!!!!

I'll close with some pictures.....
The first one is me before Brits recital. I was 33 weeks 4 days. The second is from yesterday.


  1. Love seeing that belly! Are you going to get maternity pictures done with Riley and the kids? It would be an amazing keepsake for you. :)

  2. We have the Baby Jogger City Mini Double and LOVE it! We use it allll the time and even used it all around Disney World. Good choice!