Saturday, April 12, 2014

Freezer Paper T-shirt tutorial

I looked high and low for my older boys a nautical tshirt this year. They either didn't have their size, the color I wanted (red), had a collar or was outrageously priced! I'm sorry but I refuse to pay $30-40 for a play shirt! I also didn't want an appliqué or collar because I wanted a simple wear to bed or play in the dirt shirt. Yesterday at Michaels I discovered all their tshirts were $1.97 and came in red! The wheels started turning and out popped this cute fast t-shirt project!! 
What you will need:
A pattern
Freezer paper
Blade knife
Cardboard (I save pieces of this for projects)
Acrylic paint
A paint brush 
Fabric Marker (optional depending on project)

I didn't have a pattern so I drew one onto my freezer paper until I got it just right! 

Cut out your pattern carefully so you have a good "negative" left. I used my circuit mat underneath as not to scratch my counter. 

Place cardboard inside the shirt and Iron the negative to the shirt. Making sure all edges are securely pressed and let cool a few minutes

Next mix up your paint with a few drops of water or fabric medium. I didn't have any fabric medium so water worked just fine. I also used a stippeling brush but a foam brush or paint brush works too. 

Next paint inside your pattern. I did mine light because I wanted the washed look. 

I let this dry for two hours before removing the pattern. 

Once full dry I used a pencil to write out the S.S part for both boys and then went back over it with a black fabric marker!! 
The possibilities are endless for this craft!! I had all the supplies except the shirt so $1.97 is a great deal!! 
:) Kriss 


  1. That's awesome! I love freezer paper shirts, etc. What kind of fabric markers do you use? I have crayon abut they write with a faded look.

    1. I have ones by Sharpie called Stained.