Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Eleven Months!!

Today the twins are 11 months old! I don't know how 11 months has gone so fast but it has!! This morning we celebrated by running some errands to grab the older B's some things they needed and picked up granny to go to lunch! 
Here they are with a full tummy, dressed and ready to go!! They are wearing the cutest puppy baby leggings! I love love baby leggings because the mornings are cool but as the day progresses it gets hot. The baby legs are easy to remove without removing them from the car seat!! Brennen was talking up a storm! He would switch from mama to dada and then this Loy Loy Loy thing he says. 

The last two weeks have been pretty stressful with worry. At our last well visit appointment our doctor wasn't happy with the size of Barrett's head circumference. It was something we have been watching and charting for several months. He has always had a bigger head then Brennen. Well Barrett's head was no longer on the chart the last three visits and was not following a pattern or curve. Our doctor was afraid he had hydrocephalus. At 12 months the soft spot begins to fuse and if there is water around the brain it has no where to go. If he did have hydrocephalus he would need a shunt put in ASAP. We hadn't noticed any delays or problems but our doctor said he had to get a sedated MRI. Not only did Barrett's head cause concern but Brennen was no longer in the 5th percentile for weight but had dropped below it. I went over the amount of bottles and the homemade food I make them. The doctor concluded that they have an amazing diet but that they are so active he thought maybe they were burning more than they were taking in. He wanted me to add margarine to every meal. When he said that I was so surprised. I told him I would NOT agree to margarine but I would agree to real butter, more avocados, more flax, and coconut oil (I buy hold label from Tropical Traditions). He didn't understand my not liking margarine (artificial fats, yuck) but said butter, etc was fine. We go back for their 12 mth appointment and hopefully he will have gained some fat. Brennen is all over the place so I can see that he burns a lot of calories! He is so much like his dad on metabolism! Having to wait for the MRI was stressful because while in our hearts we felt like he just had a "big" head we weren't sure what we were facing. Also, sedatation is always scary. Sunday night we woke him up at 11pm to give him a last bottle because he couldn't have anything other than water after midnight until 4:30am. Riley took off to care for Brennen. Barrett and I left at 5:30am and headed to the hopistal. 
His eyes are so big and bold in this picture. 
The MRI was about an hour and then they called me into recovery where he was still sleeping. He took a while last time to wake up from sedation (Both boys had surgery in October to repair hypospadia, chordee as well as circumcision while they were in there, can't remember if I documented that or not). He finally woke up and was just a cuddly sweetheart. They said it would be several days to get the results. 
We got home and snuggled with brother and Daddy. He was super sleepy most of the day. 
Our doctors office about two hours later with awesome news!! He didn't have hydrocephalus!!! He just had a bigger head!!! Riley and I were so relieved!! When he woke up from a nap we kissed his sweet big head over and over and told him how perfect he was. Riley held him for a longtime and said he felt a huge rock had been lifted! We both had been so worried. 
God is good!!! 

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  1. Praise God that everything is okay! I can only imagine what a weight was lifted off your shoulders with that news!