Monday, April 14, 2014

Painted Candle

When I plan parties I get so frustrated when I can't find what I have pictured in my mind in a store. I'm also very into details and the details are what make a party really stand out. So what happens when you can't find a birthday candle that matches the theme.... You get creative! The Dollar Store is a gold mine of ideas!! Hence this project!! 

The twins theme of course is nautical! What I think about is sail boats, anchors, pin wheels, and water. The colors I picked for this party are navy, red and aqua. So when I couldn't find candles for their smash cakes I decided to try painting candles. I dug in my acrylic paint stash and ultimately picked just the aqua color lightened with a little white. 

I taped off the wicks with painters tape to keep from accidentally painting them. I also made sure my paint was non-toxic. I also don't plan to light them, more so for pictures. 

I painted the first coat and let it dry really well before the second coat. 

Then I let them "cure" a week before doing anything to them because I didn't want the paint to peel from the wax underneath. 
Next, I pulled out my sculpy clay and had fun making pinwheels!! 

I'm so excited how the finished product turned out!!! Ordinary to Fabulous!! 
(I hot glued some sticks to the back for extra stability!) 

I LOVE that is project cost a whopping $2.00 
Have you ever painted a candle? I love how it turned out I see more painted candles for future birthdays! 
-Kriss :)

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  1. Those are awesome!!!! I did a pinwheel theme party for my twins first birthday. It turned out AWESOME! Wish I had these candles though!