Thursday, May 29, 2014

Aquarium Favors

One day while washing dishes I had an "aha moment"! I love it when that happens! I make my own veggie/meat babyfoods for the twins but I buy their fruit. I love to repurpose containers and thought Gerber plastic fruit containers would make perfect aquarium favors! It doesn't take long to save containers with twins, lol! I knew I would prob use Goldfish crackers inside them.  Upon scouring Central Markets candy bins I discovered chocolate "rocks" and colorful candy fish. How fun!!! 

Gerber Babyfood Plastic Containers
Candy (chocolate rocks or nerds)
Goldfish crackers
Washi Tape 
Fun Sticker

I'm loving how they turned out! I perfect little edible trinket for our friends! 

*I would suggest waiting until a day or two before the party so the crackers stay fresh! The tape helps seal the lid tight! :)

1 comment:

  1. great idea with the tape! did you print your stickers? what kind of printer? mine is starting to not look nice and go through ink daily.