Thursday, May 8, 2014

May Days

May is always my busiest month and I just now had the chance to check in. I can't believe my kids only have 18 days of school left! Every day it seems like is something... Baby's first year pics, dentist appts, extra recital practice, award ceremonies, speech therapy, a lunch date, and a baby's well visit. Thankful Saturday I have a hair appt scheduled for just me!! Two hours to decompress! Yay!! Then Mothers Day! Looking forward to that because Riley is fixing my favorite meal!! Beef fajitas with butter tortillas, homemade guacamole, boracho beans and all the fixens! 

Here is our last two weeks in pictures...

Couldn't sleep at 4:30am last Saturday so used that time to trim the invitations I made! 

Then I organized my fridge because I couldn't find anything in there!!! 

Did Brits hair for ballet practice. The girl has a ton of hair to try and put on top of her head! 

Gave haircuts!

Made some birthday hats

Chased some adorable little boys!

Made some teacher gifts (white chocolate apricot muffins from central market)

Got first birthday outfits ready to go for pictures!! 

Enjoyed the patio at Central Market for lunch!

Used the last of my Basic H bottle that I bought July 2012!! This one bottle makes 48 gallons of cleaner! 

I'm off to finish my coffee and get kids off to school!! Have a great day!
:) -Kriss 

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