Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The small details

When I throw parties I like details! Small fun touches can really bring life to an event. One thing I think every party needs even if you have cake is a decorated cookie. I honestly hadn't planned on making the ones for our party. I always order from a friend because I'm trying to do a million and one other things. I placed my order and then noticed my friends health took a turn for worse. She has been so sick. As I was thinking about telling her not to worry about it she sent me a message saying she had to cancel. Which was fine because I just want my friend well!! I thought about ordering from a shop downtown but then decided I'll carve out some time. I will say decorated cookies are not like icing a cake. They aren't as forgiving as a cake is in my opinion and more tedious. It takes a very steady hand, drying time and no interruptions. That is a joke in this house... :) I decorated these with my older a three at my elbows and bumping/shaking the table. They were so excited though and I was happy to see their excitement. 
First I made an almond sugar cookie dough and let it sit overnight in the fridge to rest. Then I cut them out pretty thick with a number one metal cookie cutter. After baking them I let them cool all day. Next I used a corn syrup icing recipe and did the outlining using a number 1 Wilton decorating tip and went back with a #3 to flood the cookies after drying a few hours. After flooding I dried them overnight and well into the next day. I used the number #1 tip for the decoration part and letting them dry inbetween color changes. 

I let them dry again overnight and packaged them in treat bags for the party!!! 

Perfect last minute detail!!! Glad I decided to take the time to make them!!! :) -Kriss

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