Friday, May 30, 2014

Bubble Gum Necklaces

Brit and I did a fun project together for the party. She wanted a new necklace to wear with her nautical shirt and white shorts for the party. We decided we would try our hand at making some. I found a cute shop online at They sell all the 20mm bubble gum beads. Originally I was just going to buy enough to make her ONE necklace but I had a hard time picking just one or two beads and I wanted one too!!  So I ended up ordering over 300 beads, spacers and crimp beads (I bought my wire and clasps at Hobby Lobby/Michaels). I could have bought more but figured I had already exceeded the budget, lol. I thought we would have fun making some different styles as a summer craft project... NO boys allowed, lol! Etsy has some cute sites that sell the striped anchor charm as well as other characters like My Little Pony and other fun characters. 

I'm loving how they turned out and she was so happy!! 


We had so much fun I want to try my hand at buying other beads. I always see beads I love at the stores but never have tried making necklaces. Shhhhh, don't tell my husband I've started another Hobby. Lol. I need a house just for all my hobbys. :) -Kriss 

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  1. you and your hobbies! keep them because they bring you joy and calmness in the midst of raising a large family. It will only get crazier as they age so don't lose sight of your hobbies. I set mine aside for too long and have focused (not on purpose) on my family and volunteering at their schools (because that is important for Kurt and I) that lost sight of me. I know with a permanent part time job and kids at 3 different schools that life is way crazy for me....but I will go back to or find a new hobby that I enjoy for me and not hide it in a box for 4 years! the necklaces are beautiful.