Thursday, May 22, 2014

Happy First Birthday!!!

 Dear Brennen and Barrett, 
        I can't even believe I'm saying this already but Happy 1st Birthday HouseMouse and Mr Peanut. This time last year I was in the surgery room getting ready to meet you!! Your official birth times would be 5:30pm (Barrett) and 5:35pm (Brennen). Finding out I was pregnant (and with twins) was a dream come true and seeing your faces for the first time took my breathe away. I actually wouldn't get to hold you until the next day but when I did I cried and cried tears of pure joy. You were both so tiny and while fragile, oh so strong. This first year has been nothing but fun! I wake up excited (even if it's 2am) to see both your smiles and four eyes looking for me. I love hearing your "mamamama" in unison. I love how you look so much alike BUT are so very different in personalities. I LOVE that you resemble and act like your Daddy more and more every day. You will find that Mama is the one that stresses and gets upset while Daddy is always the calm mild mannered one. We balance each other out. When we found out we were pregnant with you I was so scared but your Dad was calm and reminded me many times over the pregnancy that "it's a God thing and everything will be fine." He was right and every day I see your faces I am reminded that miracles do still happen. There is nothing more that melts me when he comes in the room holding you both because he couldn't stand to pick up one of you and leave the other. I'm loving the way your siblings have taken on new roles to help care for you. Especially Brady (little mama) because he always makes sure you are both safe and comforted. I also love the bond your dad and I share knowing you are a piece of both us. At night when we give you your last bottles you both coo and giggle. We look over at each other and smile, no words because our eyes say it all, we love you both so much! So Happy 1st Birthday my twin treasures! I love you more than words will let me express. I pray that life lets me see you grow into fine men one day. Just please slow down a little because you are both growing way to fast for my liking!! 
                                                                                        Love, Mommy

They were so tired by the time this last photo was taken. Very serious!!
 *** photo credit for this picture goes to Nikki at Everlasting Expressions

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