Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fifth Grade Graduation

can't believe how much my daughter has grown! Yesterday she had her 5th grade graduation. It seems like yesterday she was starting kindergarten. We are so proud of her and her accomplishments this year!! 

She PASSED every portion of the dreaded STAAR test!! Whooohooo!!!!
She made good grades and all her teachers tell us she is the hardest worker!
She made exemplary attendance! 
She ran in Mighty Milers every morning before school. I can't remember her miliage though. 

Here's a look back:

Three years old

First grade awards

Always a princess

2nd grade

Third Grade

Fifth Grade Graduation!

Brit with her best friend (blocked out her face because she isn't my child). 

We are so proud of you sweet girl! 
-Mommy :)

Friday, May 30, 2014

Bubble Gum Necklaces

Brit and I did a fun project together for the party. She wanted a new necklace to wear with her nautical shirt and white shorts for the party. We decided we would try our hand at making some. I found a cute shop online at They sell all the 20mm bubble gum beads. Originally I was just going to buy enough to make her ONE necklace but I had a hard time picking just one or two beads and I wanted one too!!  So I ended up ordering over 300 beads, spacers and crimp beads (I bought my wire and clasps at Hobby Lobby/Michaels). I could have bought more but figured I had already exceeded the budget, lol. I thought we would have fun making some different styles as a summer craft project... NO boys allowed, lol! Etsy has some cute sites that sell the striped anchor charm as well as other characters like My Little Pony and other fun characters. 

I'm loving how they turned out and she was so happy!! 


We had so much fun I want to try my hand at buying other beads. I always see beads I love at the stores but never have tried making necklaces. Shhhhh, don't tell my husband I've started another Hobby. Lol. I need a house just for all my hobbys. :) -Kriss 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Aquarium Favors

One day while washing dishes I had an "aha moment"! I love it when that happens! I make my own veggie/meat babyfoods for the twins but I buy their fruit. I love to repurpose containers and thought Gerber plastic fruit containers would make perfect aquarium favors! It doesn't take long to save containers with twins, lol! I knew I would prob use Goldfish crackers inside them.  Upon scouring Central Markets candy bins I discovered chocolate "rocks" and colorful candy fish. How fun!!! 

Gerber Babyfood Plastic Containers
Candy (chocolate rocks or nerds)
Goldfish crackers
Washi Tape 
Fun Sticker

I'm loving how they turned out! I perfect little edible trinket for our friends! 

*I would suggest waiting until a day or two before the party so the crackers stay fresh! The tape helps seal the lid tight! :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The small details

When I throw parties I like details! Small fun touches can really bring life to an event. One thing I think every party needs even if you have cake is a decorated cookie. I honestly hadn't planned on making the ones for our party. I always order from a friend because I'm trying to do a million and one other things. I placed my order and then noticed my friends health took a turn for worse. She has been so sick. As I was thinking about telling her not to worry about it she sent me a message saying she had to cancel. Which was fine because I just want my friend well!! I thought about ordering from a shop downtown but then decided I'll carve out some time. I will say decorated cookies are not like icing a cake. They aren't as forgiving as a cake is in my opinion and more tedious. It takes a very steady hand, drying time and no interruptions. That is a joke in this house... :) I decorated these with my older a three at my elbows and bumping/shaking the table. They were so excited though and I was happy to see their excitement. 
First I made an almond sugar cookie dough and let it sit overnight in the fridge to rest. Then I cut them out pretty thick with a number one metal cookie cutter. After baking them I let them cool all day. Next I used a corn syrup icing recipe and did the outlining using a number 1 Wilton decorating tip and went back with a #3 to flood the cookies after drying a few hours. After flooding I dried them overnight and well into the next day. I used the number #1 tip for the decoration part and letting them dry inbetween color changes. 

I let them dry again overnight and packaged them in treat bags for the party!!! 

Perfect last minute detail!!! Glad I decided to take the time to make them!!! :) -Kriss

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Crunch time!

I've spent the entire day finishing last minute birthday projects!! I can NOT wait to take pictures and have the forever memories!! I can't wait to share it here too!!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Happy First Birthday!!!

 Dear Brennen and Barrett, 
        I can't even believe I'm saying this already but Happy 1st Birthday HouseMouse and Mr Peanut. This time last year I was in the surgery room getting ready to meet you!! Your official birth times would be 5:30pm (Barrett) and 5:35pm (Brennen). Finding out I was pregnant (and with twins) was a dream come true and seeing your faces for the first time took my breathe away. I actually wouldn't get to hold you until the next day but when I did I cried and cried tears of pure joy. You were both so tiny and while fragile, oh so strong. This first year has been nothing but fun! I wake up excited (even if it's 2am) to see both your smiles and four eyes looking for me. I love hearing your "mamamama" in unison. I love how you look so much alike BUT are so very different in personalities. I LOVE that you resemble and act like your Daddy more and more every day. You will find that Mama is the one that stresses and gets upset while Daddy is always the calm mild mannered one. We balance each other out. When we found out we were pregnant with you I was so scared but your Dad was calm and reminded me many times over the pregnancy that "it's a God thing and everything will be fine." He was right and every day I see your faces I am reminded that miracles do still happen. There is nothing more that melts me when he comes in the room holding you both because he couldn't stand to pick up one of you and leave the other. I'm loving the way your siblings have taken on new roles to help care for you. Especially Brady (little mama) because he always makes sure you are both safe and comforted. I also love the bond your dad and I share knowing you are a piece of both us. At night when we give you your last bottles you both coo and giggle. We look over at each other and smile, no words because our eyes say it all, we love you both so much! So Happy 1st Birthday my twin treasures! I love you more than words will let me express. I pray that life lets me see you grow into fine men one day. Just please slow down a little because you are both growing way to fast for my liking!! 
                                                                                        Love, Mommy

They were so tired by the time this last photo was taken. Very serious!!
 *** photo credit for this picture goes to Nikki at Everlasting Expressions

Monday, May 19, 2014

Ballet Saturday: Peter Pan

Saturday Brits ballet studio put on a production of Peter Pan. It was one of the cutest ones they've done yet! Brits part was a mermaid which couldn't be better. She would be a real mermaid if she could! 

She couldn't be a mermaid without "mermaid eyes"!

Break a leg! (No not really please don't do that!!) 

Daddy and I are so proud of you Britney!! You danced beautifully and are growing up to be such a lovely young lady!! In just a few days she will officially be a middle schooler! 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sneak peek...

My photographer sent me this sneak peek.... 
OH MY GOODNESS!! These are MY boys! What makes this picture so special is Brennen HATED today's photo session. He was one unhappy little boy. Barrett was trying so hard to comfort little brother. He was "kissing" his ear and Nikki snapped just in time to snag this!!! Love love love!! More pics to come!!! 

*Special thanks and photo credit to Nikki from Everlasting Expressions

The Fake Cake

Today my gorgeous boys had their one year pictures with the same photographer that did their newborn pics. I can not wait to get the proofs!!!! I knew I wanted a cake in their pictures but not the mess of a real cake. Here enters the fake cake!! It's amazing what you can do with wood, clay, acrylic paint, plaster compound and hot glue!! 
First, my wonderful husband made me some wood boxes. When I explained my idea he was all ready to help me!! Love his support in my craft adventures!! 

Next I got out my supply of polymer clay. I also splurged and got a clay extruder to help make rope!! I can also see this being useful with fondant!! 

I spent a Saturday afternoon making "waves" and rope. 

I also made all this by free hand :) 

Next, I mixed premade plaster compound with acrylic paint until I got my desired color. I "iced my boxes with a pretty heavy layer. I went back 24hrs later and touched up any cracks. 

The final product after hot gluing each layer, decorations and piping plaster compound (used my Wilton icing tools and made sure to wash well afterwards). I LOVE how it turned out!!! I can't wait to use it as a table centerpiece at their party and see it in their pictures!! I plan to have real cupcakes surround it! 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pillowcase Love

I'm in LOVE with pretty fabric pillowcases! When I was pregnant one of the things I did was make myself a beautiful pillowcase for the hospital. There is a quilting fabric store near my house that carries designer fabric and when I saw this print I knew it was perfect! I couldn't find the right color trim so I dyed white eyelet for it. Every time a new nurse would come in they would ask where I bought it. Still to this day it's my favorite!! Every time I look at it I'm reminded of having my sweet boys! 

Pillowcases are also my favorite gift to give!! With Mother's Day I knew I wanted to make my sweet MIL some for her bed. She LOVES purples and birds. So when I found this bird print I knew it would make the perfect cuff. 

I love how they turned out!!! 

A little picmonkey to make a tag and TADA done!! 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

May Days

May is always my busiest month and I just now had the chance to check in. I can't believe my kids only have 18 days of school left! Every day it seems like is something... Baby's first year pics, dentist appts, extra recital practice, award ceremonies, speech therapy, a lunch date, and a baby's well visit. Thankful Saturday I have a hair appt scheduled for just me!! Two hours to decompress! Yay!! Then Mothers Day! Looking forward to that because Riley is fixing my favorite meal!! Beef fajitas with butter tortillas, homemade guacamole, boracho beans and all the fixens! 

Here is our last two weeks in pictures...

Couldn't sleep at 4:30am last Saturday so used that time to trim the invitations I made! 

Then I organized my fridge because I couldn't find anything in there!!! 

Did Brits hair for ballet practice. The girl has a ton of hair to try and put on top of her head! 

Gave haircuts!

Made some birthday hats

Chased some adorable little boys!

Made some teacher gifts (white chocolate apricot muffins from central market)

Got first birthday outfits ready to go for pictures!! 

Enjoyed the patio at Central Market for lunch!

Used the last of my Basic H bottle that I bought July 2012!! This one bottle makes 48 gallons of cleaner! 

I'm off to finish my coffee and get kids off to school!! Have a great day!
:) -Kriss 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Chore Chart

My kids get out of school in 21days. I have been scurrying around trying to finish birthday stuff, plan a baby shower, gather summer craft items and thinking about things to keep my little bees busy this summer. I don't know about your kids but mine get bored so easily if they don't have an electronic device in their hands. They have a hard time understanding why I won't let them play it 24/7. Honestly, there are moments I just want to throw the Wii and the tablets out the window. Riley and I discussed that the kids are old enough to start helping me with some daily chores in order to earn time to play these devices. As well as have extra help and give them "busy" work. In the past the kids have really only helped with laundry or if we asked them to go put this away or come do this. After much debate I decided that I had to let some things go and let them help to make things run smoother, plus it's a very good teachable moment. Let it go, let it goooooo... Whoops I've seen Frozen to many times. :).  With that I set out to make the perfect chore chart for us. I wanted it to include daily reminders as well as rewards and fun surprises. I spend a ton of evenings on Pinterest looking at other peoples charts! Does anyone else get sucked into Pinterest like I do? I also got to looking at the Hobby Lobby ad and realized most of the supplies were 50% off. The only thing not on sale were the magnets.

First, I got onto Picmonkey and made my circles/chores. I used a 1 inch punch to punch them out.

I used mounting squares to attach them to bottle caps. Then resin clear stickers to protect the paper. 

Attached 1/2" round adhesive craft magnets to the back.

I also bought chalk board scrapbook stickers and took the adhesive foam off the back. Then used a 3/4 inch magnet on the back. The frames are simply 12x12 scrapbook paper that looks like chalk board with a frame around it. I used magnets on the back of this too since I was putting it on my freezer. The NEGATIVE part of the craft magnets are great for the scrapbook paper corners. I hated to waste perfectly good magnets.

The bottle caps to the left of the frame are their incentives to "make their day!" 

I included two special bottle caps! I thought how fun to wake up and see mom is taking us to the Burger Box (their favorite place to eat) or that it's craft day! Oh and the "straight shoes" is for our shoe rack because we don't wear shoes in the house in most cases. The kids just sling their shoes on the rack and I am always after them to go straighten it.

It looks like a lot of chores but I also have things like Read 20-30, Plan Dinner, Cook Dinner and Journal 10. As well as some chores aren't every day. I bought them each journals to spend 10 mins or so drawing or writing about their day, craft, yesterday, etc. I plan to also make journal starter conversation sticks but I haven't gotten to that yet, lol. For the dinners I plan to let ONE child plan a meal for the next week and learn to cook that meal.

I put little tags at the bottom to keep track of when they earn money or extra tablet/wii time. 

I LOVE how it turned out!! 

Supplies Needed:
1) 12x12 scrapbook paper
2) White card stock for printing chore dots
3) 1 inch circle paper punch
4) Bottle caps (I used ones FLAT bottle caps by Spare Parts )
5) Clear Round Epoxy Stickers (Spare Parts)
6) Craft Magnets (for under scrapbook paper and bottle caps I used 1/2" round self adhesive magnets. I used heavier strength 3/4" ceramic magnets for the chalk stickers) 
7) Chalk Labels (I used La Petites 3-D sticker)
8) Double Sided Mounting Squares (to attached dots to inside of bottle caps)

I had a ton of fun making this for kids! Lets hope they have has much fun helping around the house!! They are already asking me about it but I told them that we would discuss it closer to school getting out.
-Kriss :)