Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Brady Boo & Benny Too!

Eeeek, with school starting I got a little behind in doing an update on the kids. So today's post is going to be about Brady AND Ben!! Even though these little guys are three years and ten days apart they are catching up to each other in size/weight. Brady is 42 pounds and Ben is 40. Brady has a few inches on Ben but we have a feeling that Ben is going to bypass him in height shortly. Clothing wise, Brady is in a 6 slim (some 7's) and wearing small to medium shirts. Ben is completely out of the toddler section in shirts (wearing an x-small or 6) but still needs 5T's in pants/shorts. He has a very long torso and always has. Everything I saved for Ben in the pants area from Brady is a no go. He is just a bigger boy. While they are so close in those areas they are completely different in personalities. Brady is my shy, quiet, out going only at home, deep thinker/observer, homebody. Ben can be quiet but he LOVES being around people, spontaneous, likes to be the complete opposite of everyone else, and is so affectionate. I prob get a million kisses a day from just him. They are best friends and if you ask them each they will tell you the other. I LOVE this! I hope it always is this way. They also love to tattle or make fun of the other for getting into trouble. It's nothing to hear, "Haha, you got caught" when the other does a no no. Since they share a room I love to sit out in the hallway after they think I've gone and listen to their sweet conversations. They tell each other about their favorite toys or what they did for the day. I love to hear their giggles and it makes the rough days seem not so rough. When we are out (and maybe one is at school or another location) they always make sure the other isn't left out of the new toy or surprise. I can't believe they both have a birthday coming up. Brady will be 8 and Ben will be 5. I heard a song the other day by Darius Rucker that had me in complete tears (It Won't Be Like This For Long) it was about his daughter growing up. Time is going so fast. Seems like yesterday we were bringing our first born son home (a daughter too, two weeks later) and dreaming about today or waiting for Ben to be born and wondering how close the boys birthdays would be (10 days apart). As I sit today reminiscing over getting the kids (it's our Forever Family Day!) and the joy that was brought to our life, my eyes well up. I can't believe this is the life I get to live. A wonderful hubby and three precious children to share all the wondrous things with..... just amazing! I want to share some pictures with ya'll, ones I re-found. Really takes me back!

Brady: LOVES orange sherbet and chocolate ice cream together! His favorite show is a cross between Sponge Bob & Fan Boy and Chum Chum. He begs me to make banana bread, loves steak, chicken, pork, all veggies but HATES butter (no butter on waffles/toast/pancakes/etc), cream cheese, American cheese, & lunch ables. Loves to run and is hoping to earn a medal in school this year for Mighty Milers. Is going through a stage where he needs "man time" with dad. He requests it often and tells me that since I am a WOmen, I can't participate. LOL. Cracks me up. I 'm super glad he has a great relationship with Riley and wants his daddy to do things with him.Will rub his head up against my arm and say, "Easter Blanket." I finally said, "What does that mean?" He said it means I am soft. LOL.

Ben: LOVES orange sherbet and chocolate ice cream together (like brother) and M&M's. Would drink chocolate milk all day long if he could. Would eat peanut butter and jelly for every meal if I would let him. HATES Mac & Cheese, all veggies, all fruits (except raisins), all meats, and anything that isn't peanut butter sandwich. Loves to swim, play puzzles, cuddle and often says, "Mom cuddle me", and Wii.

CONTEST NOW CLOSED Don't forget to go HERE and leave a comment for our GIVEAWAY!! The contest ends tonight at 8pm. After we get back from our adoption anniversary dinner I'll have the kids help me decipher the winners!! Also, in case anyone is wondering... Shaklee wants you to like their products so much and they are so confident you will, they offer a 100% money back guarantee on all the products! My husband is a chemist and we went over every ingredient to make sure it was safe (and did what it said it would do) for our family. I feel good about having my name attached to this product or I wouldn't endorse it! :) -Kriss

Brady: 1st night home

My little baker! He will be an awesome cook when he grows up!

Tuxedo for Ben's adoption!
Easter 2012

This is one of my favorite pictures! Cheese face!

Ben was a gorgeous baby! Make me ache for another one! lol
Best Friends!

Ben's Adoption Picture for his announcement

Easter 2012
Port Aransas 2012

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