Friday, August 17, 2012

It might just be wicked....

Remember when I posted this about my new rug here? Well it seems ** RUGS USA is having another huge clearance sale and this time 75% off. I just had to share because some of these rugs are $500-$1500 a piece normally! Just use the code BLOWOUT75 to get the discount and that includes free shipping!
 ** this is not a paid advertisement, just something I wanted to share with my friends.

Spent today having such a great time with my kids. Everyone was in great moods and ready to tackle the day. I absolutely love to see them talking and playing nicely with each other because some days aren't like that. They also love to sing songs in the car and they have such adorable voices. We ran to The Container Store to pick up some leak proof bottles and drool over all the organization items. I seriously could stay in there all day long dreaming up organization projects. My husband will be super happy that I didn't stray from my list and only got the bottles. Afterwards we made a quick pit stop at TJ Maxx so I could pick up a gift for someone. My kids were good sports when I made them look through the linens and promised them a trip down the toy aisle if they would just humor me. :) As we headed out to the car I asked them what they would like for lunch and Brady pipes up and says, "I want a burrito because it will make my farts wicked."  Yes, this is my daily life having two boys errr, I mean three if you count my husband. I can guarantee you he prob. taught that to my son. All I could think about was, "pray for me" because I could imagine having to hang my head out the window like a puppy dog after the kids got done playing musical toots. I gave in and let them have a nutritious lunch of Taco Bell. Prob. not that nutritious, we live on the edge here. lol. Afterwards we took our filled bellies and braved Trader Joes (our first time). I say, "BRAVED" because let me tell you that is one small store, one small parking lot and many many people. A lot of the neighboring stores must have had trouble with all the overcrowding because there were huge signs in all the surrounding parking lots/store fronts that said, "You will be towed if you park here for Trader Joes." Once inside though I can see the hype. It was nicely laid out, I thought prices were really good, and everything looked incredibility fresh. I even picked up some hamburger meat for $2.69 a pound which I thought was great. I wish I could have spent more time looking and checking everything out but I could tell the kids were starting to get tired. So I vowed to come back another day with just me myself and I (ok, prob. my MIL too, she will kill me when she finds out I went without her, lol.)  A quick funny tidbit I over heard in the backseat headed home.... I am not sure what Brady did to Brit but she says to him, "I hope you get swallowed by quicksand for doing that." Quicksand??? What have they been watching and where do they come up with this stuff??  LOL!!!!

Eating our nutritious Taco Bell!

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