Thursday, August 16, 2012

Missing the Beach

We spent alot of time this last year deciding where we wanted our summer vacation to be. It had to be somewhere that would be easy to get too, one that wouldn't break the bank (since we put up a pool in the backyard too) and included water! Port Aransas fit the ticket! A friend of mine just raved about it and after looking at pictures and condo's online we booked our stay. We got up early in June and headed out on the six hour adventure. Our first stop was in West for Kolaches. I've had them before but never from this particular store and they did not disappoint. Yumminess!!! A few bathroom breaks in between and we FINALLY got there! We were so excited and couldn't wait to get on the water. Our condo was everything we hoped it would be! We started everyday with a beautiful home cooked breakfast (my yours truly) and then out to the water. Never in my life did I laugh so much. We would put our chairs in the actual beach and ride the waves. It was like a roller coaster. One time I got washed away and so tickled over it, I couldn't stand up. Riley had to pull me up. lol. Riley's 36th birthday was while we were there. Most of our meals we ate in our condo but we went out for seafood that night. Then I had baked cake and made icing ahead of time and fixed a trifle. Riley said being at the beach was even better than when we celebrated his birthday in Disney. The kids absolutely loved the beach and it was a struggle to get them out of it most days. The day we left Riley and I actually cried. We loved the time we spent with the kids and made a plan to come back next summer but stay more than 3 nights!! I can't wait and June needs to hurry and get here! That is one of my goals with doing Shaklee is to be able to stay even longer! Shaklee really rewards it's people and I can't wait to finish and accomplish my dream board! Here are some pictures!

Getting Kolaches in West, Texas

What's a vacation with Dairy Queen???
Headed to the Beach!
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Ben was super scared of the shark! We had to bribe him, lol!

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