Saturday, August 18, 2012

How about a fence?

This summer we put up one of the large Intex pools and even took it a few steps further by getting it a salt system and a MUCH bigger pump. We hope this will last a couple of years and give Ben a chance to get taller before we get the real thing! Having a pool with small children is scary! Even one so far off the ground is still a little nerve racking. Thankfully he is very attached to his life vest and won't step foot in it without it. That is the one good thing about Ben is he all about routine and you can't break from it, which gives a "little" peace of mind, although you can really never fully trust that. The kiddos love it! I love it too because it's an activity we can do at home. Not to mention it's really given them a chance to work on their swimming skills! We also put in a garden and there was only one sunny spot in the yard with all the oak trees we have. This garden sat right at the end of my patio and while it's nice to have the bounty, it's an ugly site to look at. So I suggested a fence. Something to hang pool towels on and the back side to hang the pool gear (net, vacuum/etc). I wanted it where it would also hide the garden. My husband, the handy man he is, built and painted it for me! I love it!!

The Handy Hubby!

My Mystic Blue Fence!

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