Friday, August 3, 2012

Shaklee bought new changes..... our journey to happy!

Thank you for visiting my NEW blog! I can't believe I took a year off from blogging. Doesn't even feel like a year, feels like yesterday. Lots of wonderful things have happened with our family. The kids are growing, my husband is loving his new position at work and I've started a new business. One I am really really really excited about! So excited in fact I am creating this new public blog to catch everyone up. I will be updating soon once I get it all set up. This blog will focus on healthy choices, recipes, how to get your house green and off course my cute family! lol. In the mean time if you are looking to make some positive changes in your household then check out my new webpage! Shaklee products are amazing! Non toxic, natural, dye free, and super concentrated! One 16oz bottle of Basic H, makes three different products (All Purpose, Degrease, Window Cleaner) and makes 48 gallons of product!

To check out Shaklee :

If you want to read about our adoption story visit:

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  1. Kriss, I couldn't find you're mail. I used to only write on calendars with pencils but I couldn't get things and the lead would rub. I have some nice erasable pens I write with now, but I seriously need color foreach person as the stuff runs together. What's even sadder is that k and I use our phones with our gmail calendar so most stuff wasn't on the first few weeks of this calendar month. And there's. Lot I don't write in there due to size. I need to be a calendar developer because the options just don't work for busy families. Yesterday, I only updated Oct and Nov, too! I feel like its so time consuming! :)