Sunday, August 12, 2012

Shadow Puppets

What a long and crazy day! The hubby and I worked out in the backyard in the heat on some much needed projects. Did I mention we live in Texas and it was like 150 degrees out? He was finishing a towel fence project while I brushed and vacuumed the pool. Then we worked on cleaning some patio furniture. All we could think about was dinner and putting kids to bed. That's when I discovered I forgot to pull meat out of the freezer, oh darn we will have to do takeout, hahahaha! Came inside for a quick shower and then out to grab some dinner.  About the time I got the kids down from the table it started to thunder. Lights were flicking and Brady starts saying "We are in danger." I assured him we were fine and then BAM, a transformer blew outside. My lovelys were freaking out but it was all good once they learned I was going to light candles! Thankfully I keep lots of candles in the house and the hubby has us well equip with a generator! So while he hooked that up (I feel so bad for him because he's so tired) the kids and I did shadow puppets on the wall. While I am so tired, I am happy that I had this extra special moment with them before our generator brought back the light. Appreciate the unexpected!

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