Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Dirt Edition: Basic Cleaning List

With my kids being home for the summer my bedroom has not been the restful escape that I want it to be. I've been lucky if my bed is even made and there is nothing worse than crawling into a wrinkly bed in my option. With the kids starting school on Monday, I plan to take my bedroom back. Our bedrooms (esp when you have children) should be a place of relaxation and not a stressful environment. Not to mention a place where you don't fear to step out of bed (Legos, OUCH!!) So I plan to follow these simple basic rules to get my room back to what it should be.. the hubby and I's haven!
 More cleaning tips to come in the future. Loving that we will be using non toxic cleaners to get our haven back! Now go get that room clean and back to being your haven! 


  1. I hate having a messy bedroom! I feel like I haven't started my day off right if I didn't make the bed first thing! I had no idea you started blogging again. I'm looking forward to reading more!

  2. Yes! I agree with this! Our master has become a dusty, unkept, catch-all! Full of toys &...kids! LOL No, no, no! I want a clean, beautiful, uncluttered, relaxing bedroom. I'm taking our room back, too! :)